Alfione Restaurant & Delicatessen


“MONDO SOMMERSO” by Giovanni Scafuro
The common passion for excellence, which is by definition: “The search for what is not common”, brought together Alfione and Giovanni Scafuro, which together brought “Forkland” to Parma, a personal exhibition of a selection of the artist’s works.
Scafuro is an artist from Naples, He was born on the sea  and that same sea flows through his veins: it was therefore inevitable that he would plunge back into the sea to bring his creations back to the surface, forging a world of water with fire.
As in a Wunderkammer, Giovanni Scafuro collects common objects in his laboratory and with his hands he transforms them and bring them to a new life in a circularity that makes reuse the fundamental poetics: so forks dart between banks of spoons chased by ferocious knives with serrated teeth in a kaleidoscope of imagination.
Alfione becomes an art gallery where works can be purchased.

Exhibition scheduled from 16/02 to 31/03.


Restaurant , Gastronomy but first Delicateness .It is not so easy to define with one word “Alfione” .

A long lasting, beautiful friendship is the key and the essence of a dream that led Elio and Massimo to turn the ” Bottega ” by Bruno in a very unique and carismatic restaurant.
What a better place if not Parma – one of the many  ” capital of taste ” in Italy  – which is seen as one of the most important Italian basins for food production.

The essence of this new concept restaurant is based on the research : ” Before cooking … there is the raw material .” And in this case, you can taste those directly .

Alfione ” is a gourmet’s paradise , but mostly it is a dream come true.




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Alfione’s Opening Hour: 12.00 – 02.00 PM /// 07.30 PM – 11.30 PM
Monday: 07.00 PM – 11.30 PM
Every Day from 06.00 PM Cocktail Bar
Bruno’s Opening Hours: 08.00 – 02.30 PM /// 16,30 – 08.00 PM
We are closed on Sunday all day long
Alfione & Bruno are in
V.le Piacenza, 7 
43126 Parma