Bruno Delicatessen



The Salumeria “Bruno” is an institution.
Opened in 1941 and in the expert hands of Bruno, since 1967.

A place without luster and glitter, humble as the people who created it where all that matters is the premium quality of the products in the shop.
Here, the flavors are combined with knowledge and passion and crafted to perfection thanks to fifty years of experience and research in culinary traditions.
The entrance in the delicatessen is a real experience. The eye is caught by the design and the nose will be mesmerized by the unique scents. The aroma that exudes is similar to the one in the ancient cellars where, the art of seasoning is still alive and brings us culinary masterpieces.

Selection of meats and cheeses of the territory are the spearhead of this cult of food.
Parma Ham, Roasted Ham, Salame, Culatello and Parmigiano Cheese.
Attentive to all the needs of customers, Bruno combines sophistication and innovation with traditional flavors and artisan meats and cheeses.
It is easy to be enchanted by the variety of delicacies , Bruno carefully selects the best products from all over Italy to bring the most outstanding quality to his costumers .
The Salumeria not only remains that but it turns into a real restaurant.
Silver cutlery and glasses decorate the bistro tables near the window. The highlight is of course the meats, sausages and cheeses.
Elio and Massimo have made “La Salumeria Bruno” the centerpiece of Alfione, to continue to offer to the public the simplicity and purity that characterized the culinary art in the oldern days  in perfect fusion with sophisticated and elite prod