Alfione Restaurant



From the best ingredients of our gastronomy, a simple and refined menu that will make you love Alfione.
Our motto is: “Before the kitchen … there is the raw material.”
The love for the flavors of our region is the first feeling that people senses entering the restaurant. This land has a legacy that can not possibly be forgotten, a unique and invaluable heritage.

The atmosphere is not traditional, the kitchen is our tank of flavors. Our dream is to invite our guests to “cook” with the chefs, to really live an experience and the joy , to make them feel at home and to let them “conquer” the palate, involving them and make them part of this culinary experience.
A unique and atypical restaurant, where you can order a la carte from 12 to 22, or choose directly, the gastronomic delicacies on display in delicatessen. Alfione will combine those delicacies with the best wines that are exposed,in the shelves of wrought iron that decore the walls of the entire room.

Fresh pasta and stuffed specialties are among the most appreciated of Alfione. They are prepared every day, giving customers freshness and authenticity. Tortelli herbs and ricotta cheese and tortelli with pumpkin stuffing are two constants of our menu, as well as Anolini or better known as Cappelletti.
The kitchen now has changed a lot, it is more innovative and feeds ingredients sought. We believe, however, that it is wrong to lose the taste for the dishes of the past, which gave rise to the great tradition of our cuisine.
Elio and Massimo adore to “spoil” their guests and do everything they can to please them. They both have a passion for good food, good wine, and – above all – good company.
The spirit with which it was born “Alfione” is just to welcome their guests as if they asked you to take home: the kitchen, the bread baked every day, good friends and a good bottle of wine.